Captain of the Black Bloomer comes to Layton School

The Captain asked for our help in finding his way to Layton School. We added labels to his treasure map to help him find his way. Some children wrote the labels and some children read the words to glue them in the right place.

The Captain came to school after all the children had gone home. Take a look at what he said to us below.

The treasure hunt was brilliant fun. We followed clues around school by solving riddles and calculations such as 2 + 2. We had to keep counting up the golden coins until we had enough for everyone to eat one. It was very challenging to count in 2’s but we managed to do it really well. Here are some pictures from our treasure hunt.

Tristen decided he wanted to send the Captain a thank you message and Emily came up with the idea of putting the messages in a bottle. Here are some of the letters the children wrote by themselves, I hope the Captain finds them!

Look out for Captain Underpants, he is following our treasure maps somewhere near you……☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

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